Online Wagering Strategie

Contrary to popular belief, there are no sure fired online wagering strategies that will give a player an edge over the casino in roulette (European or American). Every new spin of the wheel is a isolated event of chance, and every possible bet associated with each spin carries a casino edge. Bearing this in mind, here are a couple of popular online wagering strategies which some punters have found useful in the past.

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The red/black online wagering strategies is a form of Martingale (double up on successive bets) system and is one of the better known roulette systems around. Your bets for this online wagering strategies are on either red or black, with your pay out 1 to 1 (ie double your money for a win). It is worth bearing in mind that your chances of winning each bet are just under 50/50 (remember the 0 and 00 that gives the casino its advantage). Our online wagering strategies might provide all the ambience that you would expect from a Gala Casino but for a quick hand or spin of the wheel, you cant beat our instant play casino for your chance to win a fortune in five minutes. On the site we also recommend several well-known and high ranked online casinos. We have chosen them considering four criteria: fair odds, online wagering strategies, above average payout percentages and customer confidence. Craps: A Winning Strategy teaches the reader how to increase the probability of winning to 83% on each roll of the dice. Teaches people when to place bets and when to remove bets. online wagering strategies is simple to understand. By clicking on the button below, you can easily download and install our online wagering strategies. Youll also find out on how to get your very own free sign up bonus! During our 3 year experience as avid online casinos players, weve played at literally hundreds of online casinos. Weve seen casinos that will cheat you, will not pay you what they owe you, will not answer your emails… and then there are the good ones. Here we bring you a list of a dozen casinos that in our opinion are the best out there. Each and every one of the online casinos listed below has above average payout percentages, offers generous bonuses, and exceptional support. The trusted casinos below are the ones we both recommend, and online wagering strategies at ourselves.